Push Princess


Howdy! Push Princess is my little corner of the internet that I’m currently constructing and carving out. (yes, I love alliteration).

I am blessed to be the mother of Silas and Sierra and the wife of a stupidly, strikingly, attractive husband:silasanddaddy

See? Ugh. (while having a strikingly attractive husband may appear awesome, it mostly sucks because a) he knows it, and thus uses it to his advantage with me and b) women throw themselves at him, forcing me to either be a jealous lunatic or a cool wife who is too secure to give a sh*t. I’d like to think that I fall into the latter category, but it’s suffice to say that I bob between the two).

ANYWAY – Over the years, I have suffered, on and off, with depression. Initially, I self medicated but that didn’t work in my favor, as it led to unfortunate drug dependence (but I did meet my husband in rehab, so there’s always silver lining, I guess? (You can read more about my drug dependency here). Thankfully, those years of dependency are far behind me (and him), but I still have periods when the depression returns. I have no idea if, like the psychiatrists say, depression is resultant of my frustratingly low levels of serotonin and some other feel good neurotransmitters. Or if, like the holistic doctors say, my gut is not full of the right probiotics and too much fluoride has polluted my body and brain. OR if it all has to do with not ever having the courage to pursue something that I love.

Or maybe it has to do with all three. In which case, to solve the first two possibilities – I take a sh*t load of vitamins, amino acids and probiotics but what I’ve yet to do, is pursue what I love.

I love to write. I love to photograph. I love to create. I love to decorate. I love to craft like a mother. I love to paint and just learned that I actually can paint (wtf?!) – who knew?


So, instead of wavering and wishing that I could be a more fearless person, I’ve decided to simply become one.

I value authentic, genuine and unapologetic people. Now it’s my turn to become what I value and by doing so, I hope that I can inspire you to find yourself, to take chances, and to feel the fear and do it anyway.

My goal is to build a community of like minded, fearless, individuals in search of their authentic selves. I encourage you to follow along, comment, interact, take risks, push the perfectionistic princess out of the damn way, and lets get this party started! (And just for the record, as I went to hit ‘publish’ on this post, I knocked over a giant cup of water all over the floor of the coffee shop I’m in. fml – here’s to living boldly)