Push Princess

Do you want to know what I wish? I wish Mood Testing Deficiency Devices existed. I cannot understand how this doesn’t exist considering we can fly planes composed of tons of METAL in the sky, no less fly rocket ships OUT of earth’s atmosphere. I know moods can also be affected by our environment, people, places and things but for a large part of us, depression is also directly correlated with our biochemistry.

I know this isn’t a simple diagnosis and we are all composed of VASTLY different parts, but without a doubt, we know for certain at least, that sufficient serotonin, is dire, right? Well, did you know that our bodies don’t make serotonin? Serotonin is produced by an essential amino acid called, tryptophan and the reason it’s essential is because OUR BODIES CANNOT PRODUCE IT! Meaning, if we cannot produce it ourselves, then we need to obtain it from an outside source – like food or from supplementation. What then, is the point of pushing antidepressants, aka Selective SEROTONIN Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRI’s), if we don’t have enough serotonin in the first place? I don’t get it. Now, for disclaimer purposes and for anyone who wants to point out the obvious, no, I am not a mental health professional, doctor, or scientist. I am, however, a professional depression suffererererer who has been at the mercy of big pharma for years. So, I’ve had to figure out how to put myself back together and with the help of a qualified specialist, I encourage you to do the same.


Each of us has our own deficiencies so I’m laying out what has worked for me, which may be completely different from what may work for you. But, I cannot encourage you enough to research, explore, experiment and fiddle around until you find what works for you. You are worth it and don’t you dare give up on yourself no matter how sh*tty you feel.

  1. I began taking tryptophan supplements a couple of years ago and was shocked at how it made the butterflies in my belly go away. I was in a better mood 85% of the time and just sort of felt an ease come over me. I learned about the use of tryptophan through an AMAZING book called The Mood Cure by Julia Ross. This woman is a lifesaving genius. Get the book if you’re tired of feeling down. I promise it will help.
  2. In addition, I take vitamin B6 – apparently B vitamins are essential, I don’t know why but you can read more about it here.
  3. I also supplement with magnesium. I had no idea magnesium was such an essential mineral affecting SO much from pms, to blood pressure, to depression. I learned about the importance of magnesium supplementation through a book called, The Magnesium Miracle. Magnesium comes in all sorts of forms and they are not all equal, you can learn more about that here if you don’t feel like reading the book but I highly suggest it, you may be amazed. I take a magnesium supplement that contains a blend and the cheapest, most affective one I’ve used can be found here.
  4. I also take DHA/EPA. We’ve all heard about the importance of taking omega 3’s but I didn’t know that it too can affect our moods. The way I understand it is, fish oil sort of lubricates your brain enabling parts of your brain to fire more quickly and effectively. Without sufficient lubrication, just like a squeaky wheel – your brain won’t function and operate as well as it should. I take krill oil specifically because apparently farmed fish are full of so much crap and a lot of DHE/EPA is made from these sick fish. Dr. Mercola sources his supplements from krill outside the arctic where they’re apparently spared from said toxins. I really don’t know, it’s just what I use and it helps. Oh and as a cautionary measure, take these only after your tummy is full or else you’ll end up having delightful fish burps all day. To remind you again, because at this point my scientific knowledge has convinced you otherwise, I’m no expert.
  5. This should probably be number one but none of these are listed in order of importance. I take probiotics and High-quality ones at that. I don’t mess around with frugality when it comes to getting the good guys in my digestive track. My gut was depleted of ALL OF THE GOOD GUYS subsequent to life saving broad spectrum antibiotics administered to kill off ecoli in my body. My life was saved and you can read about that insane ordeal here. But, what followed was months and months of trying to pull myself up for air from the misery of a dark hole of depression that almost swallowed me whole. Had I known about the importance of probiotics, so much suffering never would have happened. Who knows though – maybe it all occurred to help me spread the message to help whomever I can.

My heart aches for anyone plagued by the beast of depression. There is nothing worse than being in its grip and feeling alone and helpless. There is such darkness in those harrowing places – it must be akin to what hell feels like, as there is so much endless pain. If you’re amid its grip and you’re reading this – HOLD ON! Don’t you dare toss your phone aside after reading this and do nothing. Use this article as a resource to help you! Save it to your bookmarks and come back after you’ve had a nap, or eaten another handful of sweets, or sobbed on the bathroom floor – God knows I’ve been there more than I’d like to admit. Whatever it takes, just read and read and read and don’t stop until you find the answer. None of us chose to be here on earth but we got the ticket to life, and dammit, we deserve the best seats just as much as anyone else. So, upgrade the crappy seats you’ve been dealt and come sit with me in the VIP section, I’ll be waiting and look forward to hearing how you moved seats.



2 Replies to “5 Ways to Help Overcome Depression”

  1. Hi Push Princess,
    I have started reading your blog and find it very refreshing. It’s nice to hear an honest take on child rearing.
    I too have recently discovered magnesium. I take it before I go to bed for my restless leg syndromn and whenever I feel a headache coming on. Living in Toronto means we don’t get as much sunshine as you would in Florida, so I’ve also found out the power of daily vitamin d supplements. Keep writing Push Princess!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for commenting here, Stephanie! And for reading my somewhat neglected blog. So glad you’ve found magnesium beneficial – it’s amazing how it can help in so many different ways.
      And yes, living in Florida has it’s perks in regards to access to the sun and vitamin d, but God almighty the humidity does NOT make moving here worth it.
      As a fellow Torontonian, I will say how much I miss the seasons and even the snow!!
      Anyhooooo – all the best to you and thank you again for reading and for stopping by. I will be posting regularly again very soon.


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